Productivity Tools for eBay

Automate your eBay business with our powerful suite of tools

Our wide range of eBay scraping and batch bidding features will help you as a buyer or a seller, Bidder Tools can help boost your efficiency on eBay helping you get the best result. From high speed data scraping to highly advanced bulk bidding capabilities, with integrated searching facilities, we have got what you need to win more auctions and save time.


We're in late stages of application development and expect to launch our initial offering in the next few weeks!


Core Features of Bidder Tools

Our unique software suite combines high performance automatic purchasing and efficient data scraping into a single desktop package with lightning fast processing capabilities of up to 400 listing per second.


Fully Integrated Search

Unlike other solutions, our software suite has a fully integrated search building facility to maximise your efficiency.


Rapid Search Scraping

Our software will scrape a search results page in a blink of an eye – the best on the market.


Enhanced Listing Scraping

Our application goes beyond basic listing information and can provide in-depth listing level data through our enhanced scrape.


High-Speed Bulk Bidding

Our unrivalled bidding solution provides users with the ability to bid of hundreds of listings at the click of a button.

We aim to provide the best bidding tools on the market.

We are a small team of developers who are passionate about creating the best eBay bidding tools on the market. We are constantly improving our products and adding new features to make sure our customers get the best value for their money. If you need help with our product or want to suggest future improvements we are always here for you.