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New Enhanced Listing Scraping

  • Author: Rafe Roughton
  • Published On: July 30, 2023
  • Category: Events

Our latest Bidder Tools feature has finished development and promises to revolutionise eBay data scraping. The Enhanced Listing Scrape feature allows users to select listings which have already been scraped from the search and enhance the scrape beyond basic listing information.

For users of Bidder Tools which make use of the bidding feature, our enhanced scrape allows for significantly greater sortation ability. Ensure you never bid on a listing in error by sorting through item specifics, for example.

Product Reviews

The feature will scrape the product page link, reviews and product stars. Product pages on eBay are automatically linked to individual listings via the EAN with the reviews and product stars collected by eBay from all buyers of the particular product (irrelevant of the seller). For data scrapes, this feature is invaluable allowing one the compare a seller listing performance to the greater combined product page details giving the ability to automatically identify poorly performing listings for further investigation. For sellers looking to expand their catalogue, product pages are useful in determining the net demand for a certain product which, combined with other data such as listing price, can be invaluable in automatically determining opportunities for product range expansion.

Item Specifics

The feature will download all product specifics of the selected listings from size to colour and everything in between. This data may be used for sellers looking to copy product details from other sellers on the market in order to rapidly, and automatically, produce new listing forms for upload to eBay. Alternatively, one may analyse the market with pinpoint precision by sorting required products through item listing specifics rather than just replying on the less reliable listing title.

Product specifics are category dependant and highly customisable so we have combined this complex dataset into an easy to use XLSX format when exporting. We will be supporting standard database export formats to further improve ease of use for more advanced users. Due to the additional strain enhanced listing scrapes produce, we will be limiting this feature to ensure fair-use principles are adhered to. None the less, this limit will be will above the requirements of most data scrapers.


Download the root category (i.e. Stamps or Clothing) as well as the specific category of every listing. Again, this helps scrapers sort listings quickly to ensure the dataset contains only the listings required. Done manually, this will take ages however, through category based scraping, users need only click a button to sort. Additionally, for sellers looking to create new listings through upload, this data gives the user the ability to quickly identify the most common category for a particular listing or to analyse the listing performance of a particular product based on which category the listing is placed in. Overall, this will save you time and help you generate more income at minimal effort.


Get more detailed shipping costs and information for each listing through enhanced scrape. Ensure you can analyse the market accurately and can ascertain the exact total costs for each listing, vital when identifying the average product selling price, with this feature. Unlike basic scrapes, which compile estimated shipping information, the listing shipping data is the most reliable source for listing specific postage costs.


Get the exact condition of each listing with Enhanced Scrape. Our basic scrape only allows for the ‘New’ or ‘Used’ condition variable however our Enhanced Scrape will ascertain the exact condition (for example Used – Like New). For bidders, one may sort listings by the enhanced condition and set variable pricing for each condition level. Alternatively, for data scrapers, users can use this data to further improve market analyse. Vital for all data scrapers alike!

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