Bidder Tools Software Team

eBay Third-Party Software

Since the inception of eBay, independent software has been developed to improve the user experience, save people time and glean valuable data. A large array of tools have been developed for sellers ranging from listing items to analyzing product demand. Online analytic services using scraping are numerous. However, they are generally offered as a one-time service which offers poor value to the customer while also requiring a delivery delay which, in the fast-paced world of online trading, is a major flaw.

For buyers, eBay software generally revolves around basic sniping services with little evolution over the years. A major issue we have seen in this model is the complete lack of bulk bidding capacity in all of our competitors. Our unique software sets to fill this gap in the market.

Why is Bidder Tools Unique?


  • Speed – Our software can process thousands of listings in seconds, all with the vital data needed for market analysis, ensuring you can rapidly modify your offerings to maximize revenue.
  • Local – Our solution is simple to operate and can be run on your own systems, be it Linux, Windows, or Mac. Many solutions are run on a per-project basis and offer very poor value for money, generally pricing based on the quantity of listings analyzed.
  • Unlimited – Unlike SaaS solutions, like the majority of our competitors, we do not charge any usage fees, so you can enjoy unlimited scraping without any extra charges at all.


  • Speed – Our software can bid on thousands of listings with minimal effort from the user, making it perfect for eBay resellers or collectors looking to get a cheap deal on auctions. No other software solution exists which provides a bulk bidding facility.
  • Unlimited – We do not have any surcharges for usage. Users can bid on as many items as they require without any extra fees, unlike many sniping solutions.

The Team behind Bidder Tools

The Bidder Tools project emerged and came to fruition in February 2023 as a joint partnership between the two co-founders; Luke and Rafe. We have both been involved with eBay third-party software for over a decade and have seen how poorly the market caters for niche requirements. We have also witnessed, with growing dismay, the detrimental developments many similar software services have taken. Borne out of this frustration is the Bidder Tools project – our goal is to disrupt the stagnant third-party eBay software market and introduce much-needed innovation into eBay bidding and scraping solutions.

We are based in the East of England with all support managed in-house by our British team. Our support staff have a complete line-by-line understanding of our entire product to ensure any issues you may face can be resolved as rapidly as possible. We never outsource development and are responsible for our entire package to ensure our product is of the highest stand. We meticulously check our software to ensure the highest quality user experience and rapidly update any issues which may arise.